We live on a rural farm just outside West London, where all our day care and boarding dogs come to stay. Weekday picks up and drop off in Notting Hill and the surrounded areas is provided as part of our services. And because peace of mind is vital, we can text or whatsapp you a little pic each day so you can see what your furry friend gets up to whilst in DogDaddies care.

Below are all our services and rates:

London Dog Walking: (weekdays only)

We provide an AM or PM walk which consists of pick up/drop off from your home and a full hour off-the-lead walk. We walk no more than 4 dogs per person to ensure full control, lots of love and interaction. Our walks not only ensure regular exercise, but also help your dog's socializing skills and general wellbeing. In total, your dog will be out of the house for around 2 hours.

Rate per walk: £ 22.50

Country Day Care: (weekdays only)

We will pick up your dog from your London home around 8:30 - 9:30 and take them to the DogDaddies farm, just a one-hour drive away. There your dog will have plenty of secure fields to run around in and play with the other dogs. When they´ve worn themselves out, they can have a nap inside the old dairy. This cozy space has been specially converted to offer comfy dog beds, a big sofa and a TV, in order to maximize the home from home experience. There´s even a big trampoline, a ball pit and a paddling pool! We´ll drop off your pooch back home around 5 - 6pm.

Rate per day: £ 35

Country Home Boarding:

Exactly the same deal as daycare, but with a sleepover thrown in for good measure! Not a kennel in sight - your dog will stay with us overnight and be treated as if he were our own, with the choice to sleep either in the kitchen, lounge or in a comfortable dog bed in our bedroom. Usually you'll provide the food and any special feeding instructions or oral medication.

Rate per night (24hr period): £ 50
Long stay rate (8 nights and over): £ 45

We recommend that you provide your dogs food for the duration of their stay, especially if your dog is sensitve to a change of food. Should no food be provided we will add a surcharge of £ 2 per day to provide high quality hypo-allergenic food, treats and a dental stick (before bed time).

Weekend Only Boarding:

Weekends are important! We like to make sure everyone, from clients to staff to dogs, gets a proper weekend. So our doggie weekend stays are always Friday 9am till Monday 6pm.

Rate: £ 150

Behaviour Consultations:

Need help addressing certain behavioural issues? DogDaddy Trevor can meet you and your dog at your home for an initial assessment and some advice and training tips. If needed, further training sessions can be provided to suit.

Rate for initial consultation (1 hour): £ 125
Follow up sessions (1hour): £ 75

Puppy Creche: (weekdays only)

As we have the joy of many puppies on day care, we now have a dedicated puppy room and outside play area. This ensures that the youngsters can play safely and fully supervised, away from adult dogs. Pups also learn to socialize with other dogs at their own pace, whilst in a safe environment. When he's ready for a break your puppy will be crated, to encourage a much needed nap in between playtime. Trevor and our team will oversee any training needs and dietary requirements for the little ones.

Rate per day: £ 40

Puppy Training Course:

Individual training is hugely beneficial, as you can tailor the content and focus entirely towards the specific needs of your puppy. Our 4-week private puppy course will reflect your puppy's temperament and character as well addressing any training issues you may be struggling with. Each week you'll receive a full hour training session at your home with Trevor, with the 4th week at a local park. The course will cover all basic training needs, through a positive reward approach.

Rate for the 4 week course: £ 250

Residential Training at the Farm:

In addition to the private puppy or dog training at your home we can now also offer residential training sessions whilst your puppy or dog is at our farm on day care or for boarding. This will help those busy parents that do not always have the time to focus on training their puppy or dog, though we recommend the residential training in addition of the private home training. These residential training sessions at the farm will help to top up any home training and will speed up the process of getting a well behaved puppy or dog.

Rate per 1 Hr session: £ 30

Shampoo Wash and Dry

Being a dog is lots of fun with all sorts of tempting things to roll in or get muddy in. So if you want to have your pooch looking his best for the weekend we can offer a professional shampoo wash and dry to ensure you have a sparkling clean and fresh smelling dog. This service can be booked whilst your dog is on day care at the DogDaddies farm, or on the last day of boarding.

Rate for small dog (Chuhuahua): £ 15

Rate for medium dog (Spaniel): £ 20

Rate for a large dog (Labrador): £ 25

Important To Know:

  • All rates are exclusive of VAT
  • Pick up between 8:30 and 9:30am, Drop off between 5 and 6pm.
  • Fully covered for public liability and professional indemnity
  • All staff have completed a Canine First Aid course
  • Members of the "Association of Professional DogWalkers"
  • Accredited by "The Royal Parks" with a "Professional Dog Walker License"
  • Air-conditioned and ventilated pet carriers with custom fitted Barjo crates.
  • Online booking system and customer portal with itemised monthly invoices