Customer References

Here is a selection of references and comments from our customers, some of whom have been with us since the start of our business in 2004.

I meant to write something as well but somehow only managed the stars! Our beagle pup has been going to puppy daycare once or twice a month for a while now. It is a blessing to have all the lovely staff at Dogdaddies there, knowing she is in great hands on the days that I can't be at home. She absolutely loves it and comes home buzzing until she completely crashes out from exhaustion. What more could you ask for?
Shana Beagle5-star Google Review

Have had our Husky with these guys for 6 months now, she's amazingly well looked after and much better behaved than when she went there. Very strongly recommended.
Ali Husky5-star Google Review

When my family & I moved to London from the US two years ago, we also brought our sweet, sensitive 5-year old rescue pup. Our dog is undoubtedly our most loved, most valuable family member; finding a suitable dog walker and boarder for him was a big challenge we weren't looking forward to. We assumed we would have to experiment with a few different places and hope it wouldn't frazzle our dog too much. After some many late nights of research, we decided to try out DogDaddies. I found it incredible that they had no negative reviews, how was that possible?

From the first time they picked him up for daycare, to the most recent time they boarded him, DogDaddies has been 110% reliable, punctual, and consistent. Our dog is very shy and sometimes fearful of new people, especially men. As he gets older, he even seems to be temperamental around some other dogs when I walk him on a leash in the city, but DogDaddies keeps telling me that he's had no issues in their care. He's never come home with scratches or missing any hair. I think the trainers there really take care that all the dogs get along. The people that work there have become our dog's second family, I don't think he ever gets as excited to see me! Now he goes for regular daycare, which is an incredible luxury that's worth every penny. He's picked up on time, taken to the countryside, and returned on time, happy and relaxed, ready to sleep soundly through the night.

When we used to board our dog at other places, he would come back looking exhausted and anxious, he even tried to dig his way out of one place he hated it so much. This has never happened at DogDaddies, not even close. He returns home acting like he has a 5-star country home at DogDaddies and he's not sure why he's been returned to his flat in the city. They were reliable about giving my dog his twice daily medication just the way he prefers it, which gave me much peace of mind. It's also great that there's the option to have him bathed after boarding, especially after more than a few days there. That said, my dog just came back from 5 days of boarding without a bath, and he isn't covered in muck. You can tell they really do care for the dogs as if they're their own: they clearly hose off the dogs at the end of the day, so no one goes to bed dirty.

I really could go on and on about how much we love DogDaddies. I think I have done that to several friends and neighbors, all of whom have jumped on board. If you're lucky enough to live in their catchment area, don't miss out on this incredible service.
Nadine 5-star Google Review

Dog Daddies are absolutely amazing - best place! My French Bulldog George has spent a couple of days a week with Dog Daddies since he was a puppy and he loves it there so much. Literally bolts out the door as soon as he hears the Dog Daddies car pull up. More recently, the Dog Daddies team took care of George for me for two months and they were absolute life savers. I was able to drop George off with less than an hour's notice and they provided the best care for him for the couple of months I was away and even helped me to move George countries in the end! They were absolutely incredible, helping with vet visits and all of the forms and when I was finally reunited with George he was super happy and I could tell he had been cared for really well. Exceptional service, fully trustworthy , 1000% recommend!!
Veronica George - French Bulldog5-star Google Review

DodDaddies are simply fabulous. Our little Romeo goes to DogDaddies every Friday. The DodDaddies staff are truly fabulous. We genuinely feel that Romeo is loved and extremely well looked after. Romeo comes home on Friday evening bouncing with happiness. He is perfectly content. We absolutely love the entire DodDaddies' team and we look forward to Romeo spending lots of time with them. Thank you for being so great!
Pontus Romeo5-star Google Review

We are so happy to have found DogDaddies when we moved to west London! Trevor, Roy, and the whole team take incredible care of our dog for both weekday play sessions and overnight stays when we are out of town— without fail he always returns happy and ready for a nap! The booking system is great and I appreciate the flexibility the team affords whether that's requesting an early pick up one morning or adding on last-minute days to his schedule. Thanks DogDaddies team!
Gabriela Chihuahua & Pomeranian5-star Google Review

We've now tried both the daycare and boarding services at Dogdaddies and our pup absolutely loves them! When Skye came to us from the shelter, she had issues trusting people but she loved playing and interacting with other dogs. Therefore we thought daycare would be a very enjoyable and enriching experience for her and wow, it has had such a positive impact on her! It has undoubtedly improved her confidence around people. Now that we had some work-related travel, we decided to leave Skye at Dogdaddies for a few days and the picture updates they send you are just great! I am starting to seriously doubt she's going to want to come back home with us after this!
Andrea Skye5-star Google Review

Sandy aged 7 has had different dog walkers over the years but this is hands down her favourite! She loves heading off during the week and is knackered when she comes home, her mood all round is so much improved - Dog Daddies really is her happy place! I work long hours away from home and the team have made everything so easy to arrange and I really trust them to make sure Sandy is picked up and dropped off safely even though I'm not there.
Harriet Sandy5-star Google Review

The fabulous team at Dog Daddies have looked after my 3 dogs (an older Labrador/Staffy and two young Jack Russell x Chihuahuas) over the years, and I couldn't be more grateful. I've found them to be extremely professional, well-organised, caring and loving and am so thankful for all the amazing care and fun they've provided. My dogs have enjoyed summer pool parties, endless playing with other dogs during doggy daycare and overnight stays, long winter forest walks, cosy evenings on the sofa with the owners, and the team provide regular photo and video updates via their Instagram page. More recently, they transformed the life of one of my dogs who has some medical and behavioural issues. I couldn't be more grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend the Dog Daddies, it's a brilliant investment in your dog's wellbeing and offers peace of mind for owners that their dogs are being well cared for, well groomed and most importantly well-loved by a passionate team!
Natalie 5-star Google Review

A home away from home! Dog Daddies treat every dog like a member of their own family. Warm hearted, fun, professional, reliable. A great team led by Trevor and Roy, who I would highly recommend to anyone!
Tamara Flint5-star Google Review

DogDaddies is absolutely the best. We had a family emergency in April of 2020 (in the middle of the first Covid lockdown!) and we had to leave the country with 24 hours notice. Trevor and Roy came to our aid immediately and they took our 6 month old Cockapoo in without having any idea how long they would have her (it turned into about 6 weeks), finished crate and house training her, sent us pictures of her while she was under their care and then helped us with the measuring and collection for international shipping. She was so happy with them and they went above and beyond what would be expected of a pet sitting service and they genuinely cared about Lulu and about our family. I am touched that people could be so kind in such a stressful and uncertain time. I absolutely recommend Dog Daddies without reservation. You can trust them and you can depend on them.
Jessica Lulu - Cockapoo5-star Google Review

My dog Flash has been going to DogDaddies since he was a puppy until now that he turned 3 . Everyone's professionalism, availability , care and love given to Flash will be impossible to replicate... we have relocated abroad and I am extremely sad ( and so is Flash ) to loose this excellent and friendly service ... thank you Dogdaddies Team - we will miss you ! x
Clara Flash5-star Google Review

We absolutely love Dog Daddies! When we first moved to London, we were looking for walkers and carers to watch our beloved chocolate labrador. We were so lucky to be referred to Trevor & Roy. They have treated Molly like their own and we absolutely love following Molly's adventures on instagram. We get regular updates about her activities. We have used Dog Daddies for two years for walks, daycare, and weekend away services. We have such peace of mind when Molly is there! Molly loves spending her days with Jade, Charlie, Ysora, Leah and Dog Daddies and always comes home a tired, happy puppy. We will miss this service when we move back the states!
Kirstine Molly - Labrador5-star Google Review

Dog Daddies offer a wonderful service, whether doggy day care and walks in the country or looking after our dog while we are away. They have been looking after our dog Hamish for 11 years now! All the staff are lovely and have very caring nature's. Hamish loves them all but admittedly has the softest spot for the Dog Daddies themselves!
Marka Hamish - Wheaten Terrier5-star Google Review

Dog daddies and team have been wonderful to my two dogs since they were puppies. They are reliable, flexible and incredibly professional. Monday morning after breakfast I find them sitting at the door patiently waiting for the school bus to arrive.. and off they toddle tails Wagging straight to the van (not even a kiss goodbye for mum). They love spending the whole day playing with their friends having the best time!! I would not hesitate to recommend them and will happily continue to use their services. Thank you again to Dog Daddies and team.
Stephanie5-star Google Review

Dog Daddies looked after my puppy when we had to leave unexpectedly. I cannot think of a better place to have left her: running with other puppies, playing in the fields, being so well taken care of by Trevor and Roy- it was perfect! She was returned trained, relaxed and docile. I couldn't recommend Dog Daddies more highly. Thank you so much T & R for giving Willow such a joyful start!
Lisa Willow - Maltese5-star Google Review

When I was stuck in Latin America due to COVID 19 pandemic, DogDaddies took care of my Labrador for almost 3 months. They bought her food, took her to the vet when it was necessary, and of course she played outside every day. I received pictures and videos regularly, which helped to ease the pain of separation a bit. They have a perfect private facility where dogs can run and play throughout the day. DogDaddies are the best dog care service I have ever used. Thank you to all team for taking great care of my dog.
Vladimir Julie - Labrador5-star Google Review

5 Star Waggie Tails for this brilliant company. Our very mischievous Wheaten Terrier Keeva is 4 years old now and somehow the fabulous Dog Daddies team have managed to socialise her and see her through the terrible teen years. She jumps into their Vans without any resistance and goes off to play happily spending the day in the countryside and returns tired and happy and often reluctant to leave their care. Trevor and their staff have trained me too and I can't thank them enough for all their care and time with both of us. They are all truly dog whisperers and their love and kindness are so appreciated. One happy dog owner and one happy dog.
Lisa Keeva - Wheaten Terrier5-star Google Review

DogDaddies have looked after our miniature dachshund for the last year ever since she was only 13 weeks old. She did puppy crèche once a week with them until 10months old, as well as the occasional dog walking and then dog daycare when she was a bit older. People always comment how social and happy and good with other dogs she is and honestly I think it's due to the socialising at DogDaddies from a young age. She is always so excited to go and comes home happy and tired from a big day of playing at their farm. Roy & Trevor have always been flexible if we have needed to make arrangements last minute and have looked after and loved our dog like their own. We are really sad to be moving areas and out of the Dogdaddies catchment area but hopefully one day we will be back!
Emma Miniature Dachshund5-star Google Review

I love DogDaddies - even though I work from home I let Rocco go on daycare once a week as he just loves it and I love it as he can burn off some energy whilst playing with all the other dogs. He always gets super excited when he gets picked up and I love checking their Instagram. Sometimes I wish I could go instead of Rocco!
Gerry Rocco5-star Google Review

Cookie, our Beagle/Jack Russell mix, has been going to Dogdaddies for four years now, for day care and when we would travel and couldn't take her. She really looked forward to going and always came back exhausted from all the fun at the farm. Roy and Trevor are very professional and reliable and their team always took great care of Cookie. We warmly recommend them to anyone looking for a place as good as home for their beloved pooch!
Yann Cookie - Beagle/Jack Russell Mix5-star Google Review

I've only used Dog Daddies 3 times so far - but they have totally transformed my little puppy! He was so shy and scared of going outside (would cry and want to be picked up) and same with being around other dogs, and then after just 2 DogDaddies daycare he now LOVES going outside and is so incredibly playful and happy around other dogs and puppies! I took him to the park the other day and all the other dog owners were commenting on how lucky I am to have such a happy and playful pup! Nothing makes me happier than seeing my pup settled and happy - it's the most wonderful thing to see! Thanks DogDaddies! x
Atlanta Monti - Cocker Spaniel5-star Google Review

Trevor and Roy have been walking our dogs every week day for nearly a year now. The dogs absolutely adore them and the wonderful thing about Trevor and Roy is that they return that affection to the dogs. They really give them good, off the lead exercise which my two energetic dogs really need. They are both really good people and I trust them one hundred percent with my beloved dogs”
Glynis Woody & Boris - Patterdale Terriers

DogDaddies have been walking and looking after/cossetting my dog Rodney for nearly 10 years. I have absolute confidence that Trevor and his team are focused on both the safety and the enjoyment of my and the other dogs when out walking and in general. Rodney enjoys DogDaddies company so much that he sometimes doesn`t want to come home”
Miriam Rodney - Whippet

DogDaddies is like a home from home for our little whippet Leopold. Trevor and Roy look after him like their own dog, so it is no wonder that he always wants to come back. We feel that Leopold is safe and in the competent hands of dog lovers and experts in their field"
Geza & Ellie Leopold - Whippet

DogDaddies have provided both daily walks and weekend boarding for my 2 little rascals over the past 3 years and I have found them responsible, reliable and very caring. I would recommend them to anyone wanting good dog care”
Dorothy Tilly & Max - Jack Russell Terriers

DogDaddies are highly recommended in all respects. Our dog is always excited when the team arrives, nothing is ever a problem. Trevor's advice on behaviour has also been invaluable"
Sarah & Andrew Willa - Cocker Spaniel

Bonnie always comes back to us healthy and happy, and we know that on the times we have left her to go on holiday, she is having one too.
Francine & EricBonnie - Scotty