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Getting a puppy is hugely exciting but it can be hard work so we recommend to start puppy training 1 week after that bundle of joy arrives in your life. Professional guidance and training will help you understand your puppy's needs, read its behaviour, and will ensure that your pup grows into a happy, well-balanced and sociable dog.

Each week you'll receive an hour long private training session at your home, with the 4th week at your local park. The course will cover all basic training needs using a positive reward approach. You will also receive a detailed hand-out should you need to refresh your memory once the trainer has left.


In addition to our private puppy training we also offer top-up training sessions whilst your puppy is at our puppy day care. These 1 hour training sessions at our day care premises are ideal if you feel your puppy needs some extra training on specific issues which should speed up the process of getting a well behaved puppy.


We recommend that puppy training is done by the owner, at their home; however sometimes this just isn't possible for the owners. DogDaddies Trevor and Roy can offer residential training where your puppy comes to stay at their home for a minimum of 2 weeks during which time they will board, train and socialise your puppy as if it were their own dog.


Despite your best intentions, it's not uncommon to encounter some behavioural issues. Having a professional available to translate what a specific habit means and advise on how to address that behaviour can be invaluable. Our DogDaddies trainer will meet you and your dog at your home for an initial assessment and will give training and advice on how to address the behavioural issue. A written report will be provided and if needed further training sessions can be arranged to suit.

Puppy playing with ball - Dog Daddies Dog Walking, Luxury dog boarding and dog day care - Notting Hill