Meet the team


Charlie joined DogDaddies in 2018 and was promoted to Assistant Manager in 2020 and is now our Day Care Manager since 2022.  

He completed a "Canine First Aid Course", the "Canine Body Language Course" and the "Introduction to Dog Trainer Course"During his time off Charlie often helps out at his auntie's stables and has his own little dog called Mac, who is a Chug (Chihuahua/Pug cross).  


Jade comes from an equestrian background and used to be a full time dog carer for the 8 dogs of a high profile London socialite.

She joined the DogDaddies family in 2018 and in 2020 became our in-house groomer after completing the City & Guilds NVQ dog grooming course, Level 2 (which she passed with distinction).  

She has since also completed her Level 3 dog grooming course and completed the Canine First Aid Course".  

Jade has a horse called Ronnie as well as 3 dogs called Button, Dizzee and Miley and occasionally boards clients DogDaddies dogs.


Ysora joined DogDaddies in 2017 and previously worked several years at Battersea Dogs Home where she did all their training and dog behaviour courses as part of her job to assess and retrain dogs that came into the centre.  

In 2019 Ysora became our in-house trainer/behaviourist and, under guidance from DogDaddy Trevor, oversees any dog training or behavioural issues for the daycare dogs, and does the private training sessions at our clients homes.  She also completed the "Canine First Aid Course" as well as Behavioural Courses with Sarah Whitehead and APDT.  

She has 3 rescue dogs, old girl Lana, Pip and Darcy, as well as her cat Minguccio.  Ysora is also part of our boarding team.


Bobby joined the team in 2019 and was promoted to Assistant Manager in 2022.  He completed the "Canine First Aid Course" as well as the "Canine Body Language Course".  Bobby has a gorgeous little boy with his wife Steph and together they have a little dog called Chunk. who is a Chihuahua.  

Bobby and Steph also do boarding for the DogDaddies dogs as they love being surrounded by dogs.


Josh joined us in 2021 and absolutely loves hanging out will all the dogs in the DogDaddies fields, playing chase with them and given them lots of cuddles.  

His favourites breeds are Great Danes and Sighthounds and in 2022 re-homed a gorgeous whippet called Jasper who now has the best life, playing with all his friends daycare friends.  

Josh is also part of our boarding team and he loves taking his boarders on his weekend fishing trips.


At the start of 2022 Jack joined the team following a recommendation by his best friend Joe.  

Since he started with us he has completed the "Canine First Aid Course" as well as the "Canine Body Language Course" and loves spending the day with all the dogs, interacting with the clients and being part fo the DogDaddies team.  

Jack doesn't have his own dog but hopes to get a Labrador at some point and in the meantime loves doing overnight boarding for clients dogs.


Joe started at DogDaddies in 2021 and has since completed the "Canine First Aid Course" as well as the "Canine Body Language Course".

He also is part of the boarding team and loves keeping the dogs entertained and stimulated whilst under his care at our day care premises.  

Joe doesn't have his own dog but has a soft spot for all the Dachshunds in our care is also part of the DogDaddies boarding team.


Aguada, who tends to go by the name Aggy previously worked at another dog care company where she gained lots of experience looking after dogs of various sizes.  

She loves big dogs, the bigger the better, and her favourite part of the job is being in the "big dogs field" supervising them and getting lots of cuddles from them.  

Aggy has just started the "Canine First Aid Course".  She currently doesn't yet have her own dog but is also part of our boarding team.