Puppy crèche

Room for them to grow

A dedicate space for your puppy to let of energy, play and socialise in a safe, loving and supervised environment

£40 per day (excl of VAT)

We understand that puppies have specific needs; from learning to socialise with other dogs to getting used to people other than their family.

Our puppy creche is the perfect place for your puppy to build confidence and learn how to socialise with other puppies and humans, all whilst having lots of fun and playtime with an experienced and fully trained dog carer, keeping a watchful eye on the little ones at all times.

DogDaddies will pick up your puppy from your home in our air-conditioned, custom-crated vans for safe and comfortable transportation to our fully licensed day care premises with dedicate puppy creche just inside the M25.

Puppy crèche is for pups up to 10 months old and available on weekdays only.


• Pick up between 8:30 and 9:30am

• Time to socialize with other puppies at their own pace, whilst in a safe environment

• When ready for a break your puppy will be crated, to encourage a much needed nap in between playtime

• Home between 4:30 and 5:30pm

"Our beagle pup has been going to puppy daycare once or twice a month for a while now. It is a blessing to have all the lovely staff at Dogdaddies there, knowing she is in great hands on the days that I can't be at home. She absolutely loves it and comes home buzzing until she completely crashes out from exhaustion. What more could you ask for?"


We understand you need to feel comfortable with your dogs carers so we make sure all our team are qualified and true dog lovers before they can look after your loved ones.

You can learn more about the team on our teams page.

In addition to the private puppy or dog training at your home we can now also offer training sessions whilst your puppy or dog is on day care or boarding with us. This will help those busy parents that do not always have the time to focus on training their puppy or dog, though we recommend this training in addition to the private home training. These training sessions at our day care premises will help to top up any home training and will speed up the process of getting a well behaved puppy or dog.

1 hour session £30
(excl of VAT)


Get in touch today and let's have a chat to see if Dog Daddies is right fit for your furry friend